Baba Yaga is the Coronus-Feya goddess of magic. She is perhaps one of the most unwittingly helpful goddesses in the entire pantheon, aiding several adventuring parties in the past with their tasks, while somehow keeping completely to herself on her island. However, she is also known for demanding tasks and feats of valor from those she helps, if only to prove to them that they can get along just fine without her help.

Appearance and Habit Edit

Baba Yaga usually lives her life as an woman of intensely advanced age, and lives mostly in seclusion on one specific island that a person is only ever able to find once in their lifetime, unless Yaga deems it necessary to invite them back. She lives very simply, although when she does need to move about she does so in a magical flying wicker jar, so it couldn't be said she doesn't possess a flair for the dramatic.