Summary Edit

This world is made up primarily of the continents Coronus and Feya, and an archipelago of varied islands in the oceans between the two. It was created by DMCE.

The histories of Coronus and Feya rarely intertwine, and the few times when they do are normally highly significant events to the world. One of these events was the Enslavement of Coronus, which occurred eons in the past, and caused the orcs, drow, duregar, and dragonborn of Coronus to flee to their bretheren on Feya.

Magic in Coronus-Feya Edit

The world as a whole is pulsing with magical energy, providing magic users with an almost limitless font of energy, which is only tempered by their own knowledge and abilities. This pulsation has, as far as the leading sources can tell, very much to do with where Coronus-Feya exists within Midgard, the middle trunk section of Yggdrasil, the world tree. The overflowing of magical energy, while supplying magic users with an almost limitless supply of mana for spellcasting (especially cantrips, which a magic user may perform any number of times each day without fatiguing themselves), does not translate to a lessened need for spellcasting foci. Spells still require material components or an arcane/divine focus of some kind, and in the case of spells which require a significant material component, gold must be spent if success is truly desired.

There are very few mysteries when it comes to how magic works and is generated in Coronus-Feya. Owing to the intervention of deities like Baba Yaga (see below), the process by which magic is channeled through the body is fairly well understood by the magical and scientific communities, although most do not have any reason, nor sufficient desire to strain their minds, by educating themselves with the complex workings of magic, energy and life in this way. One notable group that makes understanding how magic relates to mortal life is the Order of Jedi Knights, and its dark counterpart, the Order of the Sith.

Gods and Goddesses of Coronus-Feya Edit

Deities are extremely invested in the day-to-day goings on of the world on Coronus-Feya, commonly visiting the world to provide information, offer guidance, cause mischief, spread evil, or even just to hang out. Gods who are more practiced in dealing with the races of the world (Thor and Gash, for instance) are more inclined to forgive an incompetence or slight than those who generally remain aloof. For a complete list of gods, see Pantheon of Coronus-Feya. It should also be noted that due to the frequent presence and interference of the gods, although someone may worship a specific deity, few are foolish enough to even claim that other deities are lesser, and those who claim the gods do not exist are seen as mad, if the gods even let them live for very long.