Malifex is the goddess of Purity and Evil in Coronus-Feya. In addition, she was once the goddess Illisania, the goddess of Balance, before Vremya and Illisania's Fight with Khofar.

Appearance Edit

Malifex appears extremely pale, with high cheek bones, a pointed face, and long, slender fingers ending in finely polished fingernails. Her jet black hair falls low, beneath her shoulders, and normally is allowed to sit naturally, rather than being done up in a bun or wrap of any sort. Malifex's eyes are as a regular human's eyes would look, with pure black irises. It is often Malifex's practice to carry a staff of some kind, but what staff she carries can vary, as she has a selection of staves with varying magical properties from which she selects for her day-to-day activities.

Malifex's perception of purity Edit

Although Malifex is the goddess of purity, she is not as obsessed with furthering her charge as other gods and goddesses may be with theirs (See Odin, Fenrir, Zo'ker, among others). Less than purifying everything, Malifex represents and embodies pure evil. Where she perhaps lacks in drive to further her cause, she makes up in equal obsession in its study and celebration. Malifex often busies herself with the collection of magically pure artifacts, items so fundamentally charged with mana that their own energy rejects all that comes near them that would tarnish or damage that energy's receptacle. It should be noted that Malifex's name is nevertheless invoked by most bigoted and racist organizations who try to further their cause. As the goddess of evil, she does not shun them, but invoking her name as justification for purity will never cause the goddess to champion a cause as much as invoking her name as justification for simple wrongdoing. It should further be noted that those groups who fully embrace their evil intentions and ask for her blessing have the potential to become very powerful indeed.