Overview Edit

A kingdom of dwarves, mostly dwelling in the caverns formed long ago by Deadwater Lake. Their king is chosen at the death of the last from the ancient lines of the noble families of Mrain. Most live deep below the surface, near the mines that are the lifeblood of Mrain's economy. Those who do live near the surface farm the land and handle border defense and the sea trade.

International Relations Edit

Mrain sees little of the light of day other species hold so dear. This sets them far apart from the elves they share borders with, the human ships that visit, and the gnomes that they trade with. They care little for the squabbles between Terenerelle and Evenerelle, and they only trade with Itteren out of necessity. Pennar, on the other hand, is a close ally and friend in the eyes of almost every dwarf. The innovations the gnomes have given to the dwarves have significantly bettered their lives, and so with every visiting merchant from Pennar goes much of the precious loot the dwarves find in their mines.