The Nine Lords is a title referring to the nine main gods of Sirran. Each fills a slot on the basic alignment table, with no deviations towards light or dark as per the alignment cube.

The Nine Edit

  • Assein (Ah-sigh-en) God of Light: Good
  • Sirrel (Sir-el) Goddess of Nature: Chaotic Good
  • Draea (Dray-ah) Goddess of Life: Lawful Good
  • Labiir (Lah-bier) Goddess of Magic: Neutral
  • Kae (Kay) God of Thieves and Mischief: Chaotic Neutral
  • Sirran (Sir-on) God of Earth: Lawful Neutral
  • Sek’Buval (Sek-boo-val) Goddess of Darkness: Evil
  • Sek’Torven (Sek-tore-ven) God of Blight and Corruption: Chaotic Evil
  • Sek’Malvent (Sek-mall-vent) God of Death: Lawful Evil