Gods of Light Edit

These gods are of the Light alignment.

Odin: God of Fathers, Leadership, and Family. Head of the Asgardians. (LG)

Freya: Goddess of Mothers, Nurturing, and Family. Odin's wife. (LN)

Vulcan: God of the Forge, the Core, Middles, and Creation. (LN)

Surtr:God of Wildfire and Immolation. (LE)

Bahamut: God of Good Dragons, Metal, Dinosaurs of Timelessness, Wisdom and Justice. (NG)

Quetzlcoatl: God of Light, Wind, Mercy, and Learning. (NG)

Helios: God of the Sun, Daytime, and Illumination (NN)

Khione: Goddess of Snow and Ice. (NE)

Thor: God of Sons, Brotherhood, Lightning, Thunder, Coronus and Humans. Son of Odin. (CG)

Gash: God of Sons, Brotherhood, the Earth, Friendship, Feya and Orcs. Son of Odin. (CG)

Jeffery: God of Helpful Fire and Insects. (CN)

Karr: God of Nature, the Feral, and Cruelty. (CE)

Neutral Gods Edit

These gods are neither Light nor Dark in their alignment.

Tyr: God of War, Law, Justice, Honor, Retribution and Sacrifice. (LG)

Athena: Goddess of War, Cities, Strategy, and Defense. (LG)

Thoth: God of Knowledge, Reason and Discovery. (LN)

Tiamat: Goddess of Evil Dragons, Prismatic Energy, Dinosaurs of Corruption, Conquest and Greed. (LE)

Halifrax: God of Altruism, Generosity, and Genuinity. (NG)

Apollo: God of Sexuality and Gender Identity. (NN)

Malifex: Goddess of True Evil and Purity (NE)

Rost: God of Growth, Time, and Rejuvenation, Brother to Stareniye. (CG)

Nidhogg: God of Retribution and Destruction, True Randomness (CN)

Vremya: God of Time and Duality. Origin of Rost and Stareniye. (CN)

Bergrist: God of Metal. Source of power for Bardic Disciples of Metal. (CN)

Stareniye: God of Senescence, Time, and Decay. Brother to Rost. (CE)

Gods of Darkness Edit

These gods are of the Dark alignment.

Balethor: God of Personal Justice, Vigilance, the Night, and the Moon. (LG)

Hel: Goddess of Death and the Underworld. Daughter of Loki. (LN)

Kotar: God of Monstrosities, Mutation and Revulsion. (LE)

Baba Yaga: Goddess of Magic, and Witchery. (NG)

Zo'ker: God of Darkness, the Depths beneath Yggdrasil, the Ethereal, the Abyssal End. (NN)

Loki: God of Trickery, Deception, Diplomacy and the Silver-Tongued. Father of Hel, Fenrir and Jormungandr. (NE)

Charon: The Ferryman, God of Travelers and those who are Lost. (CG)

Chalder: God of Insanity, Madness, Randomness. (CN)

Kae: God of Entertainment, Fun, Revelry, the Slums. (CN)

Saxosaurus: Draconic Warden of JAZZ and EXCESSIVE YELLING. (CN)

Fenrir: God of Ragnarok, Destruction, Wolves, and Cardboard Boxes. Son of Loki.(CE)

Jormungandr: God of Ragnarok, Destruction, Encirclement, Serpents, and Infinity. Son of Loki. (CE)

Other notable Gods/Pseudogods Edit

Holy King Tarandum: God-King of Everything. Worshiped by the mad and bigoted, and not an actual deity.

Shish-Kobold: Kobold God of Caves and Light. Worshiped only by Kobolds, in a monotheistic capacity. Actually a deity. (NGN)