The largest landmass on Sirran. Home to the majority of the world's population. The island of Tel'Reanneth is named after it.

Countries Edit

  • Pennar, a mostly gnomish kingdom in the hills north of the White Peaks.
  • Alnor, a small country led by two conflicting dragonborn kings.
  • Mrain, the dwarven kingdom that occupies the vast caverns beneath the White Peaks.
  • Evenerelle, the kingdom of the Silver Elves.
  • Terenerelle, the kingdom of the High Elves.
  • Itteren, the human-led kingdom focused on sea trade and economic prosperity.
  • Saldor, the conquering theocracy that brings peace by military force.
  • Mathera, a country run by the mage's college located in its capitol.
  • Giiruthaven, the shadowed lands that cover the southern peninsula of Reanneth.

Geography Edit

The majority of the continent is temporate woodlands and plains, with only two mountain ranges breaking its surface. Though many small streams and ponds exist, only a few are of notable size.

Bodies of Water Edit

  • The River Aluun is the longest river in Sirran, stretching from the western White Peaks to the ocean of Reanneth's eastern shore. It provides an easy method of travel through the long, twisting valleys crossing Pennar, Mrain, Evenerelle, and Terenerelle.
  • The Merthane is the river that creates the southern border of Itteren. It begins in the forests of Terenerelle, at a spring that has long been a shrine of power for the High Elves.
  • The Sherrine is the south branch of the Merthane.
  • Deadwater Lake is the largest body of water in Reanneth. It is fed by streams originating in the White Peaks, and has no aboveground outlet. The lake has a fissure beneath it that leads through the caverns that were created long ago by the waters of the lake, the same caverns that the dwarves of Mrain have come to call home.

Mountain Ranges Edit

  • The White Peaks are the branched system of mountains in the colder north of Reanneth. The highest point in all of Sirran is located here, a peak the dwarves have named Nu'Thet Huban'ur, the Throne of the Gods.
  • The Olgrev Ridge cuts the southern peninsula of Reanneth from the rest of the continent with low, but treacherous mountains. Tunnels through the stone in this mountain range, made by a creature even the greatest historian can only guess at the origins of, create surprise pitfalls and chasms that are sometimes disguised under sheets of thin earth left behind as the ceilings of the tunnels.

Nearby Islands Edit

  • Tel'Reanneth is a volcanic island off the southwest coast of Reanneth. It is made up entirely of volcanoes, and is controlled entirely by the Chromatic Dragons that live there.
  • The Isles of Bahamut are, as named, islands controlled by the metallic dragons of Sirran. They are located directly off the northwest coast of Reanneth.