Overview Edit

Terenerelle is home to the lordly High Elves. The position of king is less lengthy of a position than most would expect by looking only at the long lifespan an elf can live to, and not also at the rate of noble assassination within the country. If it isn't a corrupt High Elf trying to maneuver their favorite into a position of power, it's the Silver Elves causing chaos with a well placed arrow.

International Relations Edit

Terenerelle has been at war with Evenerelle for what seems to most to be forever. This war, and the political drama within the country itself, eclipses all other relationships. They trade with the Itteren if it suits them, beat back Saldor's weak invasion attempts with ease, send their gifted children to the mage's college in Mathera, and ignore Pennar and Mrain. If they see something exploitable or able to be used selfishly, they go for it. Otherwise it simply isn't worth the time.